::: Cinelabs Sanyo Flyback Replacement :::

Cinelabs has successfully produced a working replacement Flyback for the Sanyo 19" EZ20 monitor, as used in Nintendo games such as Donkey Kong, DK Junior, Popeye, etc.

This Flyback is designed to replace the Sanyo F5024 (99-160669).

This part has now been in production for over 3 years, with a current suggested retail price of $45 USD. It's available from distributors including Arcadeshop (search on "20-EZ Replacement Flyback").

Our installation guide provides step-by-step instructions for flyback replacement. Installation instructions can be found here:

Sanyo EZ-20 Replacement Flyback Installation Guide

For historic purposes, the original announcement of this part is provided below:

A working prototype has been produced and has been running since March 2nd. The current plan is to produce another 5 to 10 evaluation units. If satisfactory results and feedback are returned on those evaluation units, the design will be approved for production.

Pictured below is the working proto-type installed in the test monitor.

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As these units will have to be produced in a fairly large quantity, we need to determine if there is enough interest to justify a full production run. The [formerly] current target price for a single unit is $42.50 USD, plus appropriate shipping.

If there is significant interest, we may be able to get the single unit price down even lower. However, if there is very little interest, it could mean the price will have to be higher, or simply that it's not worth the outlay.

If you have interest in one or more of these units at the $42.50 USD target price [2006 retail price is $45], drop us an email at info at cinelabs dot com so we can determine if there is enough interest to warrant the cost of tooling and the production run.

For those people who may be interested in such an item, another Flyback currently in development is pictured below.

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Thanks for your interest.

Mark Shostak